My New Toy – Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera

It wasn’t until I took a class at my local community college that I realized how much I needed a better camera for taking photos of my glass art. Sure, my Nikon Coolpix has its benefits (size, mainly), but it is very limited in its technical capabilities. There have been several instances when I thought, “there has to be something out there that can take clearer pictures!”

And then comes my new toy. My husband and I decided to purchase a Nikon D3100 DSLR camera recently and we both love it already. It truly is a multipurpose camera for us; it will be useful for taking closeups of my shiny glass jewelry as well as of our little baby girl.

— Speaking of which, I am due in one month! Unbelievable! —

Soon enough, I will carve out a little bit of time to pull all of my current stock of glass jewelry out and photograph the pieces for display in my gallery here. Then, I will post to Etsy whichever ones I am feeling motivated to sell. It’s not a bad idea to start a little slowly now that I am on high alert for baby’s arrival.


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